In 2015, a career in wind energy brought the Owens family to Canyon, Texas from Corpus Christi where recycling was a common way life. After seeing the benefits of recycling, it was frustrating for us not having an option to recycle. Ryan began his master's degree in engineering technology with a focus in renewable energy at West Texas A&M. Ryan decided to focus his research on recycling. Although the program did not recognize recycling as a renewable energy, Ryan was able to provide the research and the data to encourage the introduction of recycling as a renewable energy.

Several years later Ryan, took a promotion in the wind industry moving the family to Lamesa, Texas. A couple of years after making Lamesa, Texas our home, the Owens family decided to take a leap and provide a curbside recycle service to West Texas and Lamesa being the perfect center hub to provide recycling to the Midland and Lubbock areas.

The Future of West Texas Recycling

We look forward to serving West Texas by providing a means of building a sustainable future and keeping West Texas beautiful.

´╗┐Recycling provides an opportunity for our culture to protect our precious resources and keeping emissions down, but it also significantly reduces the amount of waste or trash that goes into our landfill allowing for more significant uses of land and resources in the future.

Providing West Texas with a recycling option our future allows generations that follow to have wonderful opportunities moving forward.

Thank you for contributing to building a clean and sustainable future.